Who We Are

who2_corrected_smallerThe Light of Truth Center, Inc. is a non‐profit organization dedicated to providing safe and supportive housing in an environment conducive to recovery, transition, and restoration. This environment facilitates education, empowerment, enlightenment, and healing for women recovering from addictions.

At the Light of Truth Center, women live as a family unit, supporting their own and each other’s recovery process.

The Light of Truth Center is a thought-leader and innovator in women’s addiction recovery. Serving as a model for cities nationwide, the Center’s progressive philosophy and programs surround women with addictions with real-world support they need to recover fully and permanently. The Center is continually researching, designing, and testing forward-thinking concepts that not only help clients to heal, but also work to end the cycle of addiction by focusing on the whole woman – her family, her work, and her community. The Center is committed to re-defining the standard of care given to recovering women by promoting non-traditional alternatives that create positive perceptions and attitudes as well as profound change. The Light of Truth Center advocates for the women it serves through grassroots and national initiatives that educate, empower, and evolve the women themselves, policy makers and society as a whole.

LTC is committed to initiating healing, inspiring, and preparing participants for successful re-entry into society. A comprehensive, structural program has been developed for the participants that places a major emphasis on spiritual healing, hygiene, parenting, money management, counseling, re-entering the work force, interviewing skills, and dressing for success.