The Story of Patterson

Providing Housing to Women Recovering

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  Even buildings, and when you least expect them.

The Founder, participating in the Weinberg Fellows Executive Training program, in 2008, was beyond speechless and a little doubtful when approached with “have I got a deal for you.”  Upon hearing those words, immediately the thought came….and what do I have to do? Little did she imagine the blessing that came in the shape of a building that now serves as permanent housing to eight women actively in the recovery process;  rebuilding their lives from the inside out.

Vaile Leonard is the Founder/CEO of The Light of Truth Center (LTC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe and supportive housing in an environment conducive to recovery, transition and restoration for women recovering from addictions. It was only fitting that 224 N. Patterson Park would be the home of Light of Truth’s Jefferson Jones Center.

The Jefferson Jones Center held an Open House in February and is named after the late Rev. Ann Jefferson, the first minister of One God One Thought Center, Inc. on Coronado Road and the church’s current Senior Minister, the Rev. Bernette L. Jones.  The Light of Truth Center is NOT a religious organization.  It does, however, stand on spiritual principles and practices that are shared in every area of the organization.  Even the founder, Vaile Leonard, is an ordained interfaith minister.  The decision to become an Interfaith Minister was with the sole intent to serve the diverse population of women who come to LTC.  Every woman who enters the doors of LTC has a different perspective of a higher power.  Being an Interfaith Minister enables the founder to converse with and counsel each individual from their perspective beliefs; bridging the gap with spiritual principles; upon which the recovery fellowship was founded.

The Jefferson Jones center is now home to eight women who share common living spaces and have their own room and privacy.  The rooms are named after private individuals who donated their time, money, and talents to furnish each room.  Paying tribute to the donors we are blessed to have the Paul F. Kelley Suite, Carolyn B. Suite, Paulette V. Lucas Suite, Denise A. Johnson Suite, Louie and Katie Johnson Suite, Coleman Hall Suite, Jenny Parr Suite and the Leona Hairston Suite.