Power Failure

A power failure is defined as a full or partial power outage that affects the ability of the organization to provide a normal range of services and operations and may compromise the safety of occupants of the facility.  If you experience such an event remember:


  • The Safety Officer is responsible for oversight of emergency disaster procedures and drills, ensuring that the organization’s centers are prepared to respond to any emergency.


  • In the event of a power failure, remain calm. If in an interior office without natural light or emergency lighting, utilize the personal flashlight provided for safe egress to evacuate to a hallway area. Assist others to a lit area if necessary. If emergency lighting is not available, in hallway areas, continue to utilize your personal flashlight.


  • If using a computer, turn it off to prevent damage due to power surges, prior to leaving your work area.


  • The Housing Liaison will check circuit breakers and the main breaker panel and, if the power outage is not attributed to the internal system, will call the local utility company to report the outage.


  • The designee will determine whether the site will be shut down and, in consultation with the utility company when the building is ready for occupancy.