Other Safety Situation

Workplace threats and violence is defined as any situation in which there is a perceived threat of violence, or a situation where violence is or has occurred. Procedures to provide the optimal response for safety apply to consumer, staff members, and visitors who may exhibit threats of violence or actual violent acts.


  • The Safety Officer is responsible for the oversight of emergency disaster procedures and drills ensuring that all of the organization’s centers are prepared to respond to any emergency.


  • Remember to exercise common sense in any situation with an aggressive person. If a situation involves a weapon, such as a knife or gun, do not attempt to remove the weapon from the individual.


  • If you or anyone else is assaulted or physically threatened by another individual while conducting business, if possible, remove yourself from the situation.  Get help by calling 911.


  • Do not attempt to engage in any type of physical restraint with a person who is threatening violence, unless your life is in imminent danger.


  • At no time should you put yourself at harm in an attempt to diffuse a situation. Always attempt to remove yourself and seek local law enforcement assistance.