Sharing Hope, Inspiration, Forgiveness, & Trust (SHIFT) 

Our Women’s Wholeness program, SHIFT, is a new concept specifically designed to support our residents as they begin to grow in new area of their lives.  We recognize that sharing hope, inspiration, forgiveness and trust (“Shift) truly provides a new way in allowing recovery to take hold.  We also recognize that providing social interactions to build and bring out inner qualities and gifts, within the women, will also produce a “shift” in perspective and behavior.  Our Shift Program – (Sharing Hope Inspiration Forgiveness & Trust) is an opportunity to engage our women beyond housing.  Our goal is to raise their awareness of self-worth and to present opportunities for spiritual-physical-mental growth; to heal the whole woman – one workshop at a time.

We do this by engaging business entrepreneurs, business professionals, artists, and individuals to present hands-on workshops. These workshops enable the women to dream, to be inspired, and to know that others care.  By proving holistic opportunities that engage the whole self – spirit-soul-body, we go beyond housing to ensure that they become well rounded citizens.  SHIFT, provides LTC clients an opportunity to get to know who they are intimately and socially.

 SHIFT – (Sharing Hope, Inspiration, Forgiveness & Trust)

Held on Friday nights!
Time:  6:00 PM

The following are Workshop/Presentation Opportunities

Hair & Skin Care

  • Cleaning your skin / hair
  • Learning to use the proper moisturizers for your particular facial structure
  • Manicures and Pedicure Maintenance


  • Body Care
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Oral Hygiene

Professional Dress

  • Dressing for success as well as dressing for everyday affairs
  • Fashions Shows / Dress for your body size/type
  • Field Trips – Clothing Stores
  • Treat Your Feet – learn to wear the proper shoes for your foot size

Cooking Your Way to Health

  • Supermarket Trips
  • Plan Meals
  • Prepare Financial Plans
  • Kitchen Clean Ups

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Treasure Mapping

Finding your Passion/Talent

Set Goals for Entrepreneurship


Prosperity Sessions

Maintaining Your Funds

Financial Health

Living Wealthy with What You Have

Maryland Cash Program

Cultivating your Creativity

Please indicate the workshop that you would be willing to facilitate – print this form and fax to 410-496-1743 or send via email to address below.  Contact us and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Do you have a workshop that you would like to facilitate that is not listed above?  If so, please let us know.

Facilitator Coordinator – Constance Mann-Leonard at Building Lives From The Inside-Out          

Proud Member Since 2010

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