Innovative Programs

We Serve Women in Recovery

What Makes Our Program Innovative?

A highly diverse group of volunteers and workers make our Center an innovative entity.  Our dedicated volunteers and workers possess the award-winning following qualities:

  • Strong business backgrounds
  •  Experience in working with Human Service Facilities
  •  Substance abuse activists giving back to the communities and families
  •  Sharing the belief that we are all gifted and that gift, when cultivated, will sustain our life dreams and needs

Our vision is to offer a loving, secure, empowering, spiritual and healthy home environment to all women that desire to earnestly overcome their addiction during their recovery process.

The Light of Truth Center (LTC) established a one-stop center that offers a full array of opportunities that will empower each woman to rise to her highest frequency of light – the truth within their souls – that they are indeed special and deserve only the best that the center has to offer.

The Light of Truth’s policies are based on the social and spiritual principles of Twelve-Step Programs.

We have created a safe environment that is conducive for recovery. We view recovery as abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances and the restoration of spiritual, physical, and social skills.  This sounds like a tall order, however, the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and our unique team of Volunteers and Staff has dedicated themselves to the recovery, enlightenment, and empowerment of all who wish to share a new and innovative recovery experience.

The Light of Truth Center, Inc. (LTC) is a non-profit organization, which embraces a new, innovative, three-phase process: recovery, transition, and restoration.  We are a therapeutic residential facility that provides the necessary tools and techniques needed to aid recovering women with life enhancing skills.  Our unique approach substantially increases the probability of each participant’s success and sustained restoration.

 LTC possesses a spiritual, economical, and psycho-social foundation.  Program participation is open to all recovering women addicts who reside in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area on a space availability basis.

All participants enter into a contractual agreement with the Light of Truth Center (LTC)

LTC’s staff and the participant jointly determine the length of program participation.  This contractual agreement is in effect for a period of one year.

This innovative program provides participants with an opportunity to re-examine and assess their lives from a spiritual perspective.  This approach has its roots in the Twelve Step recovery programs.  The spiritual components of this program are:  honesty, hope, faith, courage, self-integrity, willingness, humility, brotherly love, justice, perseverance, spiritual awareness, and service.

LTC is committed to healing, inspiring, and preparing participants for successful re-entry into society.  A comprehensive, structural program has been developed for the participants that places a major emphasis on spiritual healing, hygiene, parenting, money management, counseling, re-entering the work force, interviewing skills, and dressing for success.  In the future, LTC foresees adding programs that  will assist the children and families of the participants to develop communications skills as well as universal and spiritual principles.

The health and hygiene program is paramount.  (SHIFT)  Many of the participants of this program have been transient or homeless.  Many of these individuals have not maintained their personal hygiene and their medical needs.

LTC client population originates from various detoxification facilities, penal institutions, shelters, and treatment centers.