Handling Emergencies

An emergency is any immediate threat to life and/or property that requires an immediate response from the Police Department, Fire Department, or Emergency Medical Services. An emergency can fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Bomb Threat
  • Fire
  • Medical Emergency such as a serious injury or illness.
  • Natural Disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane.
  • Power Failure.
  • Safety/ Violence, or other threatening situation.

How you respond to an emergency can have a big impact on the outcome.

In general, the Safety Officer is responsible for oversight of emergency disaster plans and drills and ensuring that all of the organization’s facilities are well prepared to respond effectively to any emergency. The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for oversight of medical emergency procedures.

For each type of emergency the procedure to follow will be slightly different, but in all situations remember to remain calm so as not to unduly alarm others in the vicinity.