Ethical Code of Conduct

Everyone associated in some way with LTC  (full and part-time employees, contractors, students, volunteers and interns – collectively referred to as staff; and members of the governing body) are expected to perform their duties in a manner that reflects the highest standards of ethical behavior. It is expected that staff and members of the governing body will perform their duties in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Professionals are expected to comply with ethical standards required by their specific licensing and certification boards.


Code of Conduct Procedures:

  • All staff and governing body as part of the organization’s initial orientation, will review the Code of Conduct and procedures.
  • All staff will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct, sign a form acknowledging their review and full understanding of the code, and return the form to be filed in the employee’s personnel file.
  • To assure an awareness of ethical practices, reviews of the Code of Conduct and continued training will be conducted on an annual basis.


Professional Conduct:

  • Staff will respect the rights of consumer by demonstrating full implementation of the guidelines contained in the Rights and Responsibility Policy. This includes the right of consumer to make decisions and fully participate in every aspect of the services provided.
  • Light of Truth Center, staff will provide services in a manner that fully respects the confidentiality of all consumer. LTC staff will be fair and honest in the execution of all tasks.


Personal/Professional Conduct:

  • All prior personal relationships between staff and persons entering the organizations program shall be disclosed. Staff shall not establish ongoing personal or business relationships with consumer and shall conduct themselves in a professional, ethical, and moral manner.
  • Staff will not solicit or accept gifts from consumer for personal causes, soliciting funds for a personal or community cause, political fundraising, or other fundraising efforts.


Business Practices:

  • The Light of Truth Center will utilize the Corporate Compliance Officer to ensure that it conducts business in an ethical manner. All financial, purchasing, personnel, facility development and information technology practices shall comply with local, state, and federal law and guidelines.
  1. Clinical Practices:
    • Staff will adhere to all professional codes of conduct and ethical standards. As part of new employee orientation, staff will read the organization’s Code of Conduct and demonstrate knowledge of the guidelines.
    • Light of Truth Center, will provide quality behavioral health care in a manner that is appropriate, determined to be necessary, efficient, and effective. LTC recognizes the right of consumer to make choices about their own care, including the right to refuse care.
  2. Personal and Confidential Information:
    • Light of Truth Center, will protect personal and confidential information concerning the organization’s system, staff, and consumer. Personnel shall not disclose confidential information unless at the request of consumer and/or when authorized by law.
    • Light of Truth Center, Inc. personnel will be familiar with all organizational policy and procedures regarding confidentiality.
  3. Coding, Billing, and Accounting:
    • The Light of Truth Center, staff involved in coding, billing, documentation and accounting for consumer will comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.
    • The Light of Truth Center, will only bill for services rendered and shall seek the amount to which it is entitled. Coding and documentation will be consistent with industry standards, policies and practices.
  4. Creation and Retention of Records:
    • Records are the property of the organization. Personnel responsible for the preparation and retention of records shall ensure that all records are accurately prepared and maintained in a manner and location as prescribed by law and LTC policy. Refer to Records Retention Policy
    • Staff will not delete any entry from a record. Records can be amended to ensure the accuracy of a record. If a record is amended, it must indicate that the notation is an addition or correction and record the actual date the entry was made.

Prevention of Improper Referrals or Payments:

  • Light of Truth Center, staff will not accept, for themselves or for the organization, anything of value in exchange for referrals of business or the referral of consumer. or service


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest:


  • All Light of Truth Center, staff shall conduct clinical and personal business in a manner that avoids potential or actual conflicts of interests.

External Relations:


  • Light of Truth Center, staff shall adhere to fair business practices and accurately and honestly represent themselves and the organization’s services. LTC employees will be honest and truthful in all marketing and advertising practices pertaining to the organizations services.


Human Resources:


  • Light of Truth Center, prohibits discrimination in any work related decision on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or status as a covered veteran. The organization is committed to providing equal employment opportunity in a work environment where each staff member is treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.


Peer Workforce

1)  Light of Truth Center peer workforce will adhere to all recovery coach ethics and guidelines. Peers will maintain at all times clear lines between recovery and clinical processes.