Bomb Threats

The Safety Officer is responsible for oversight of emergency disaster plans and drills and ensuring that all of the organization’s centers are well prepared to respond effectively to any emergency. The following are the overall components of the organization’s bomb threat and emergency plans.


  • In the event of a bomb threat received by telephone (a call in which an individual indicates a bomb has been placed within or near the facility):
    • Obtain as much information as possible, ask where the bomb is and when it will go off, and document information provided by the caller. (You can look at this question sheet for other possible questions to ask.)
  • If the threat is received by letter or note:
    • Do not handle the letter or note so evidence is not compromised.
  • If you notice a package, container, briefcase, or other object that is out-of-place within the facility, and is not recognized as belonging to an employee, consumer, or visitor, proceed as follows:
    • Upon the discovery of a suspicious object/package/container, do not touch or move it.
    • If no one claims the object or cannot identify what the object is, notify the facility the supervisor and safety officer.
    • If the object/package cannot not be identified, or is not claimed and identified by someone within the facility, evacuate the building and call 911.
  • In all situations involving the threat of a bomb, follow these procedures:
    • Remain calm and do not alarm consumer, visitors, or other staff members.
    • Immediately seek the Clinic Supervisor or Safety Officer to discuss the situation.