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The Light of Truth Center, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit began its journey in 1999.  The Light of Truth Center, Inc. has painstakingly and methodically began a journey of developing an innovative recovery system.  Over the years of providing services and referring clients to other services very clear gaps in services began to emerge.  As LTC watched our residents struggle to move through one process to another from one agency to another, LTC recognized the need to assist our residents in their journey of restoration.

The Light of Truth Center’s main focus for years has been housing.  It continues to be that today, however, or mission also dictates that LTC provide an environment conducive to recovery, empowerment, and education.  Our mission has driven LTC to seek solutions that actively support and move our residents forward as we encourage them to full restoration of spirit, family, community, and economically.

As a result LTC has expanded its programming to create an innovative recovery system.  Our job readiness has been developed to address one of the gaps LTC has watched its residents struggle with.  This program is the perfect outworking of our basic concepts of recovery, transition, and restoration.

The job readiness program has been embraced to address the challenges faced by our residents.  The program will include a staff in the positions as a director, case manager, employment specialist, facilitators and an administrator.

The Light of Truth Center’s job readiness programs will help individuals become economically self-sufficient.  The program works to empower individuals to take care of themselves and their families by developing the skills needed to, not only secure a job, but maintain and keep a job.