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Admissions & Referrals


Residents are admitted to our program through a referral process from a professional case manager/social worker or an organization.

Every referral is reviewed on a case-by-case basis with required form submissions and approval via a professional assessment.  Women accepted into our program must prove a 30 days clean or longer status, are responsible their behavior, attend 12 steps meetings, attend aftercare, meet with the clinical staff, and are self-sustainable within six months and/or currently doing so.

Ready to get started? Once you click on the button below a word document will download and upon completion of the form please email to athomas@lightoftruthcenter.org or fax it to 866-910-5074.  We look forward to being of service. Still have  questions then call 443-267-7891 or 410-357-1103


Admissions Process


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Be able to pay program fees
  • Must have 30 days clean (for 1st Level Housing); 9 months or more (2nd Level Housing) or have completed a Detox Program
  • Must be referred to the program by a counselor or case worker
  • Self referrals will be entertained on a case by case situation (Must be able to demonstrate sobriety/clean time)


  • Refer client using the above “admissions” button.
  • Provide Biopsychosocial and discharge information
  • Provide any and all pertinent medical information
  • Send all requested documentation via email to (athomas@lightoftruthcenter.org) or fax (866-910-5074)
  • Schedule a telephone intake and a tour of the facilities
  • After the intake and tour is complete, clients will be notified within 48 hrs of acceptance/non-acceptance
  • Move in date and instructions will be given upon acceptance.

What We Expect From You as a Resident:

  • Attendance at all mandatory meetings, groups, and individual sessions (No Excuses)
  • Consistent attendance to aftercare sessions (Level I Housing Only)
  • Your presence for dinner at 5:00 PM everyday (Level I Housing Only)
  • You to create and follow a plan of action for the recovery process
  • Completion of household chores on time everyday
  • You to follow all house guidelines and stipulations
  • You to pay program fees by the 5th of every month (No Excuses)
  • Respect for and among each other and all staff/volunteers
  • Attendance at all workshops and social events planned for/by LTC
  • We expect honesty, openness, and willingness

What We Provide:

  • Room and shelter
  • Prepared meals and additional food stock (Level I Housing Only)
  • Soap, toothpaste, deodorants, and toothbrushes (Level I Housing Only)
  • Clothing when necessary
  • Peer group counseling
  • Urine analysis
  • Relapse prevention information
  • 12- Step introduction/12 Step Spirituality Hour
  • SHIFT Program – Sharing Hope Inspiration Faith & Trust
  • An environment conducive to recovery
  • A safe environment
  • Love and support
  • Individual therapy

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