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Admissions & Referrals



Residents are admitted to our program through a referral process from a professional case manager/social worker or an organization.

Every referral is reviewed on a case-by-case basis with required form submissions and approval via a professional assessment.  Women accepted into our program must prove a 30 days clean status, are responsible for their behavior, attend 12 steps meetings, attend aftercare, meet with Clinical Director, and are self-sustainable within six months and/or currently doing so.

Click here to access form.  Please be sure to answer all fields.  Upon completion save and either send via email (info@lightoftruthcenter.org) or print and fax to: 410-630-1484.


 Admissions Process


Must be at least 21 years of age
Must have 30 days clean or have completed a Detox Program
Must be referred to the program by a counselor or case worker
Self referrals will be entertained on a case by case situation (Must be able to demonstrate sobriety/clean time)
Refer client using our Referral Form, you can email or fax the information
Provide Biopsychosocial and discharge information
Provide any  and all pertinent medical information
Send all requested documentation via email (info@lightoftruthcenter.org) or fax (410-630-1484)
Schedule a telephone intake and a tour of the facilities
After the intake and tour is complete clients will be notified within 48 hrs of acceptance/non-acceptance
Move in date and instructions will be given upon acceptance.


Our Core Beliefs

The Light of Truth Center:

1.   Believes recovery is possible and every woman has the right to recover.
2.   Believes all souls can heal.
3.   Stands on integrity and does everything in a spirit of genuine love and compassion.
4.   Holds the vision of what’s possible for a woman until see can see it for herself.
5.   Serves the needs of women in a holistic manner and provides a safe space for the recovery of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a woman.
6.   Honors the dignity and esteem of all women.
7.   Gives women the choice and opportunity for a new way of life.
8.   Loves a woman until she can learn to love herself.
9.   Believes women are people and not statistics.
10. Believes all women possess positive life skills that unfold through recovery, transition, and restoration.


What We Expect

  • Resident to attend all mandatory meetings, groups, and individual sessions (No Excuses)
  • To attend aftercare sessions (Level I Housing Only)
  • To be present for dinner at 5:00 PM everyday (Level I Housing Only)
  • To create and follow a plan of action for recovery process
  • To complete household chores on time everyday
  • To follow all house guidelines and stipulations
  • To pay program fees by the 5th of every month (No Excuses)
  • To respect each other
  • To respect all staff/volunteers
  • To attend all workshops and social events planned for/by LTC
  • We expect honesty, openness, and willingness


What We Provide

  • Room and shelter
  • Prepared meals and additional food stock (Level I Housing Only)
  • Soap, toothpaste, deodorants, and toothbrushes (Level I Housing Only)
  • Clothing when necessary
  • Peer group counseling
  • Urine analysis
  • Relapse prevention information
  • 12- Step introduction/12 Step Spirituality Hour
  • SHIFT Program – Sharing Hope Inspiration Faith & Trust
  • An environment conducive to recovery
  • A safe environment
  • Love and support
  • Individual therapy