From Our Door to Your Door... Building Lives From the Inside Out
A Process of Recovery, Transition and Restoration
Leveraging the Strength and Passion of Volunteers

Did you know that volunteering benefits you as an individual? Volunteering connects you to others, is good for your mind and body, can advance your career, and brings fun and fulfillment to your life. We always welcome volunteers to help on short-term projects and those who want to be of service to support our mission.  Listen to Vaile’s take on the difference between helping and serving:


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Your Donations

Celebrating 16 YearsLight of Truth is celebrating 16 years of service!  We have grown and expanded, thanks to the donations and time of so many. As we celebrate this “Sweet 16” year, we look forward to your continued giving toward our mission of providing support to women recovering from addiction.  Partner with us by clicking the “Donate” button below.


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Attend Our Events

In the past few years the Light of Truth Center has grown exponentially. Starting out as safe housing for women in recovery, LTC has morphed and developed into a full Behavioral Health Continuum of Services system for women recovering from drugs/alcohol.

Behavioral health is a term that covers the full range of mental and emotional well-being – from the basics of how we cope with day-to-day challenges of life, to the treatment of mental illnesses, such as depression or personality disorder, as well as substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors. It also involves “community” living.

At the Light of Truth Center we recognized the importance of addressing the whole woman – spirit-soul-body.  This involved creating programs and services that addressed each woman individually thus allowing us the opportunity to provide wrap-around services.

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